Elliot figg

Elliot Figg is a keyboardist and composer from Dallas, Texas. He graduated in 2012 from the Historical Performance Program at The Juilliard School where he studied with Kenneth Weiss. He later studied with Arthur Haas at the Yale School of Music and served as vocal coach with the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale. Elliot is an active member of several New York based early music and contemporary ensembles, including ACRONYM, The Colonials, and Trio Coprario. Elliot received Bachelor's and Master's degrees in music composition from the University of North Texas where he studied composition with Cindy McTee and Joseph Klein, and harpsichord with Lenora McCroskey. His own works combine Baroque performance techniques with altered tuning systems and modern formal approaches. Elliot’s And Music Shall Untune the Sky, on a text by John Dryden, was written for and recorded by tenor Richard Croft.